About Pig Penny

Pig Penny was founded in 2007 by Lexington, North Carolina entrepreneur, collector, and Army veteran, Dwayne Padon. Dwayne is a tireless advocate for local small businesses and came up with Pig Penny as a way to promote local businesses as well as his hometown. Dwayne teams up with his mother, Don Rea Padon, who is credited with the artwork for the annual Pig Penny releases. 

The inaugural Pig Penny debuted on Monday, Oct. 22nd, 2007 in Lexington, NC. Since that time, Dwayne has created over 36 Pig Penny designs. In addition to the annual Pig Pennies, Dwayne added special edition coins to the mix, including the local businesses and restaurants, local historical landmarks, and a small selection of private releases.

Pig Penny has been featured in  numerous local and national news publications as well as television broadcasts, including multiple appearances on WGHP Fox8’s Roy’s Folks, and is a regular at the annual Roy’s Folks Craft’s Fair.